sean binder sh-awn/ ‘bi-n-der/


(a) Sean Binder is a Youth Services Consultant committed to real impact and dynamic outcomes. Sheer compassion and a sense that there is a responsibility for us all to assist others, provides a foundation for Sean’s commitment to real impact. Sean offers direct services, works hands-on, and serves on several boards and councils to address issues effecting youth. Sean Binder has tackled many of the same questions that you may be asking.

(b) Sean Binder has a diverse background of experience. His commitment to community has led to him working under such titles as: Improvement Consultant; Director, Leadership Transition Team Director, Program Coordinator, EMT, Teacher, and Director of Youth. He has developed direct care programs and provided outreach to street youth as well as self-professing gang member. Sean offers a unique bridge between effective hands-on services, policy development, and organizational leadership. Sean’s diverse background, insights from different disciplines, and proven track record provide insight and vision to offer consulting services with dynamic outcomes.